December 2018
Professional perspectives: changes in the resources industry
We asked some of our resources professionals: what is the biggest change you've seen in the resources industry over the course of your career? Dale Sims FAusIMM(CP) Director, DSC Geoscience and AusIMM Director As a geoscientist, the biggest change has to be how the constantly evolving and expanding technology envelope allows us to visualise, analyse, model and communicate the complexity of just about any natural resource scenario. When I started out in the early 1980s, high technology Read More
December 2018
President’s editorial: Reflecting on the past two years as AusIMM President
It has been an honour to lead AusIMM for the past two years, and particularly in our 125th anniversary in 2018. I have been fortunate enough to visit many AusIMM Branches and communities throughout my time and thank everyone for the wonderful hospitality extended to my family and me. I am particularly proud of our Future Directions strategy, and the progress we have made to reposition AusIMM to survive and thrive as a relevant, inclusive and contemporary organisation for the 21st century Read More
December 2018
CEO’s editorial: AusIMM’s breakout year
2018 has been a transformative year for AusIMM. We have embarked on a major rebuild of our Institute to be a more contemporary, financially sustainable organisation with a stronger external profile. Our 2018 achievements include launching our online training platform, with our first course focused on JORC best practice; a new, fully mobile responsive website with improved member functionality; a redesigned brandmark that establishes a modern look for our Institute; and our Trusted Voice Read More
December 2018
The Resources 2030 report: sustainability perspective
The Resources 2030 Taskforce report, released in August 2018, considers environmental and social risks and opportunities in making its recommendations to the Australian Government for a more competitive resources sector. But best practice, mega trends, and community, regulator and investor perspectives may present challenges in how these recommendations are implemented. The Resources 2030 Taskforce, established by the Federal Government in March 2018, released its report titled Australian Read More
December 2018
The difference between big and small companies: much more than just size
While small companies can be nimble, they face unique challenges that, if improperly managed, can affect the rest of the industry There are some obvious differences between large companies and small ones. Remarks such as, ‘you have to wash your own cup’ or ‘there’s no HR team around here’ imply a difference based on availability of resources and size of bureaucracy. These differences are easy to spot, and from a strategic point of view, are superficial. In our industry, the largest Read More
October 2018
President’s editorial: Hitting the mark with Future Directions
It has been a year since the AusIMM Board and Management Team communicated a clear, purposeful direction for our Institute, called Future Directions.  One part of this strategy that I am particularly proud of is our recently announced online JORC e-training program.This is a game changer for AusIMM. In our industry, JORC is fundamental. It exemplifies the trust placed in our professionals by the wider community. AusIMM identified a market need for high-quality training in understanding Read More