August 2018
President’s editorial: A more inclusive AusIMM
As AusIMM members, our communities look to us to uphold the highest professional standards, from the Codes we apply in our work to the way we treat each other. Our Board is committed to AusIMM being a more inclusive and welcoming organisation – not only because this is aligned to our own Code of Ethics but because we believe we will be a more effective organisation, and in turn will provide leadership across the broader industry. I am extremely proud to be leading an organisation that is Read More
August 2018
CEO’s editorial: Driving stronger connections
AusIMM is committed to being a more contemporary and more inclusive professional association. We are building a stronger external profile and connecting with leading brands and key supporters across the industry. Our 125 Anniversary Thought Leadership Series, held in 12 locations, was delivered off the back of strong corporate support from our Signature Partners Monash University, PwC, Qantas and Rio Tinto. The series had further support from FLSmidth, CSIRO, IMARC, and the governments of Read More
August 2018
Professional perspectives: technologies, innovations or practices from other industries
We asked four resources professionals: what are some technologies, innovations or practices from other industries that we could be using in mining and metallurgy? Sara Prendergast MAusIMM Senior Manager – Performance Reporting APA, Orica Australia; and Director, AusIMM For our industry to harness and leverage the value available from new technologies and innovations we need to capture the talent and imagination of exceptional people and have the support of our communities. This will Read More
August 2018
The changing face of corporate risk tolerance
In an increasingly connected world, the importance of robust risk management processes from project initiation and design through to closure cannot be overstated The complexities faced when managing mine tailings has historically posed a challenge for the mining industry. Past tailings dam failures such as Ok Tedi, Papua New Guinea (1998-2013); Mount Polley, Canada (2014); and Samarco, Brazil (2015) indicate tailings storage facility (TSF) failures are not isolated to a particular Read More
August 2018
Investing in new professionals for success
Thoughts on how we can prepare our new professionals to be leaders of tomorrow I have been working in mining since I moved to Australia and have been acquainted with mining even before then through my alma mater, the Colorado School of Mines. I have been privileged in my opportunities since graduating by being involved in a wide variety of industries such as technology, start-ups, medicine, research and mining. Mining has always been perceived as a more traditional or conservative industry Read More
Opinion: use of scientific method
The need to make current university courses adequate to develop the next generation of concealed mineral deposits Today scientists worldwide are dismayed by scientific reports and concepts that rely on surveys of opinion, exaggerated media reports, post-normal statistical assessments of likelihood, 'it must be the way I think it is because I don’t know of any alternative', 'it is generally accepted that … therefore ….', etc. Intense competition for research grants has resulted in a Read More