It’s time to better manage biodiversity in Australia
An overview of strategies that can help mitigate project risks and improve your organisation’s biodiversity footprint For any infrastructure, power, mining or oil and gas development, managing biodiversity and environmental values effectively is essential to securing project approval. Managing biodiversity is also a major factor affecting reputation and social licence. But beyond this narrow perspective, we need to recognise that our local approach to biodiversity matters in a global Read More
October 2019
Forecasts of a lithium ‘glut’ are far from the truth
There has been much talk around an apparent 'oversupply' of lithium, including at the recent Diggers and Dealers forum in Kalgoorlie. Here, veteran Australian lithium expert Adrian Griffin puts this talk into context. Many equity market and lithium industry analysts have seized on recent statistics for lithium supply and demand as indicative of long-term market trends. They see the rapid increase in hard-rock production, combined with a slower-than-anticipated uptake of electric Read More
October 2019
Tips for a future leader
As the world changes, leaders also need to adapt to ensure that they’re effective in a drastically different landscape. By being emotionally intelligent, comfortable with change, and someone who develops those around them, future leaders will drive performance in their teams.  The current work climate is changing at a rapid pace. Over the past five years, we have seen an increase in automation and technological implementation, which is altering the way we work in dramatic ways. Read More
October 2019
Mining sector update: the year so far
How the industry is faring in 2019 Overall sentiment for the mining sector is strong. Yet, as many of you know, the industry is currently experiencing ‘the best of times, and the worst of times.’ Many producers are debt free and enjoying record prices, while many explorers and developers are languishing as they wait for equity market sentiment to swing their way. Despite shaky global markets, coal and iron ore have powered ahead, with gold the standout performer. Battery metals are Read More
October 2019
A proactive approach to maintaining social licence
This article is a summary of a presentation delivered at the AusIMM Social Licence to Operate Forum in Melbourne, May 2019 The current social licence paradigm Social licence used to apply only to the mining and oil and gas sectors, but now plays a pivotal role across a large number of industries: banking, health and aged care, live animal exports, agriculture, tobacco, sugar, palm oil, gambling, technology and social media, pharmaceutical, infrastructure and transport.  There Read More
The importance of autonomous technology training
With the huge potential for new technology to revolutionise mining operations, high-quality training of personnel is needed to ensure safety and efficiency Across the global mining industry, there is an ever-increasing adoption of smart technology. Gone are the days where miners worked in isolation, digging up earth and hoping to strike pay dirt. Now, every stage of the mining process is jam-packed with technology designed to improve the mining process and safeguard mining personnel. Read More