June 2019
Professional perspectives: health and safety
We asked four professionals: How do you embed health and safety practices into your everyday work life? Trish Kerin  Director, Institution of Chemical Engineers Safety Centre Trish Kerin. For me, health and safety starts with values and attitudes. When you have safety as a core value, your attitude and therefore actions you take will be governed by this. Your attitude to safety will reflect what you do at 2 am when no one is watching. So it all starts with simple acts, Read More
June 2019
Creating mentally healthy workplaces in the resources sector
Both individuals and organisations can benefit if a preventative and proactive approach towards good mental health is taken Mental health practices and procedures in the resources industry are under the microscope. There is growing public awareness and scrutiny on organisations in the sector to provide psychologically healthy workplaces for their workers. In particular, fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) work has drawn the attention of regulatory bodies around Australia. So how are FIFO and broader Read More
June 2019
The past, present and future of exploration funding
Most of the discoveries of the last 20 years have been stock market-funded. But is the model sustainable, and is there a better way? Exploration is essential to the mining industry – if you don’t find, you can’t mine. Aside from the necessity for exploration, discoveries of mineral deposits can also generate immense wealth, so there is ample incentive to explore.  Even so, exploration is costly and risky, which makes funding for exploration a specialist endeavour. It makes sense Read More
Working offshore – your professional obligations
Members of the AusIMM often travel to foreign countries to undertake work assignments. Each country has its own set of laws and regulations that foreign workers must follow. This article is Indonesia-centric, but in principal applies to all AusIMM members working overseas, even for AusIMM members traveling to Australia to work. Each country’s definitions and regulations often specify what constitutes work or ‘doing business’, and may include simple office meetings, giving a Read More
April 2019
President’s Editorial: AusIMM – the peak body for all resources professionals
AusIMM’s role as the peak body for all resources professionals is to uphold the highest standards and to support our members in building their careers, wherever in the world they are working. The importance of maintaining the highest standards in our industry cannot be overstated. Water and waste management is one of the most pressing issues facing the minerals sector and our members have the capacity to overcome these challenges and work towards regaining trust within our communities. Read More
April 2019
CEO’S Editorial: Consolidating our strategy to be the Trusted Voice
AusIMM will this year continue building on the strong foundations put in place over the past 12 months. There are a number of ways we are shaping our story to be more effective and influential.    To solidify our position as the peak body for resources professionals, we are strengthening our relationships with industry, governments and universities. Alongside our international leadership role at GMPA we are growing our local connections, including a new partnership with the Victorian Read More