February 2019

The AusIMM Awards 2019

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Recognising and celebrating professional excellence

The AusIMM Awards have been recognising contributions to the Institute and professional excellence in the resources sector for more than 80 years. First awarded in 1935, AusIMM Awards celebrate outstanding contributions to best practice professionalism. The awards help to promote and raise the overall standard of professional practice and send a clear message to our communities that we are committed to the highest standards.

All AusIMM members are eligible to nominate and be nominated for one or more awards, and all members are encouraged to nominate individuals or groups.

The 2019 AusIMM Awards were presented in Melbourne as part of 2019 Congress.

You can also read about our 2019 EEF Scholarship Winners here.

Highest honours

The Institute Medal

The Institute Medal is the most prestigious award and highest honour conferred by AusIMM. It is awarded in recognition of eminent leadership of AusIMM or the resources sector.

 Dr Harry Parker FAusIMM(CP)
Dr Harry Parker FAusIMM(CP)

Dr Harry Parker has an international reputation as an expert in the estimation and Public Reporting of Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves.

Harry has been published widely and is a member of 11 professional organisations. As a consultant, he has provided Competent Persons reports, Mineral Resource modelling and conducted independent audits for an extensive range of mining companies throughout the world in a variety of minerals. Harry has multiple degrees from Stanford and Harvard University.

Harry brings an international perspective to the requirements for Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve reporting under various regulatory regimes and is well versed in the similarities – and differences – of these requirements. His contribution to the industry has been immense and includes being a member of the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO) for more than 12 years, representing the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) of the USA. Harry was Chairperson of SME in 2015–16, and his expertise and knowledge have enabled him to provide exceptional contributions to this body.

In recent years, Harry has played a pivotal role in assisting potential members to meet the criteria for membership of CRIRSCO, such as Mongolia, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Turkey. He continues to assist India and China in this regard.

Harry’s position in the minerals sector in the estimation and Public Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves is world-renowned and makes him an ideal recipient for the Institute Medal.

AusIMM President’s Award

The President’s Award may be presented to any senior and influential professional who has made a notable contribution to, or achievement within AusIMM or the resources sector. There are two recipients of this award in 2019.

Chris Carr FAusIMM(CP)
Chris Carr FAusIMM(CP)

Chris Carr first joined AusIMM in 1984 and continues to make an outstanding contribution to the Institute. Chris was an AusIMM Director from 2007–12 and has been a member of numerous AusIMM Committees.

Chris was a member of the Chartered Professional (CP) Board from 2009–17, including the role of Chair from 2012–15 when the Chartered Professional reform process first began. As Project Manager for the CP program in 2017 and as a member of the Professional Accreditation Advisory Taskforce, Chris strongly contributed to the reformation of the CP scheme. In addition, Chris has been involved in AusIMM Conferences and Events Committees, was a group leader of the Education Endowment Fund (EEF) Field Trip in 2015 and has been part of the AusIMM Mining Society and North West Queensland Branch Committees.

Most recently and notably, Chris has been a member of the AusIMM Investment Committee from 2008–18, and chaired the Committee since its inception. In this important role, Chris has made a particularly strong contribution to the financial stability of AusIMM. The President’s Award rightfully acknowledges Chris’ involvement and leadership.

Mike Spreadborough FAusIMM
Mike Spreadborough FAusIMM

Mike Spreadborough has been a member of AusIMM for 34 years. He is currently Managing Director of Nusantara Resources Limited and a non-executive director of CleanTeQ Limited.

Mike was an AusIMM Director from 2003–08, and his continued involvement and key contributions within AusIMM have been extensive. Of particular note is his work as a Member of the Complaints Committee, now Professional Conduct Committee, since 2015 and as Chair since 2016.

Mike has also been instrumental in driving the new processes for the AusIMM Ethics and Complaints Committees through instigating the Review Taskforce in 2017.

In addition to Mike’s respected contributions to AusIMM committees and review of integral organisational processes, Mike was part of the initiators of what is now the New Leaders’ Conference in 1995; the International Mine Management Conference in 2016; and most recently was Chair of the Global Mining Leaders Conference in 2018. Mike initiated the new direction and concept of this highly successful and well-regarded event for global leaders in resources.

Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship recognises exceptional achievement, service or contribution to the resources sector. This grade of membership may be conferred on any senior and influential professional who has performed notable, active and sustained service to AusIMM or made a major contribution to the resources sector. There are two recipients of Honorary Fellowship in 2019.

Owen Hegarty FAusIMM
Owen Hegarty FAusIMM

Owen Hegarty has a long and successful history of senior leadership in the resources sector and has been supportive of resources professionals throughout his whole career. Owen has also been a strong supporter of AusIMM.

Currently Executive Chairman of EMR Capital Pty Ltd, Owen was an AusIMM Director from 2009–14. He was also a member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee and Chair of the Emerging and Strategic Issues Committee during the same time as his Director position. Owen has previously been recognised by AusIMM when he was awarded the Institute Medal in 2005.

Owen is one of our industry’s most engaging characters, demonstrating strong leadership and consistent contribution to the sector. Owen is a senior and influential professional who has performed notable, active and sustained service to AusIMM and has advanced our sector’s interests at large.

Rick West FAusIMM(CP)
Rick West FAusIMM(CP)

Rick West has been a member of AusIMM for 63 years, first joining AusIMM in 1956. His contributions to AusIMM since then have been vast and ongoing.

An AusIMM Councillor (the precursor to the modern Director position) from 1987–91, Rick was on the Chartered Professional (CP) Board from 2000–15 and was Chair of the CP Board from 2002–04 and 2008–11. Rick moved the original concept of setting up the CP system and was a prime mover in setting up the original JORC Code, with the AusIMM Council making him a coordinator during that period. Rick was a member of the JORC Committee from 1984-2000, the Complaints Committee from 2005–16, the Membership Applications Committee from 2005–15, the Publications Taskforce from 2005–07 and the Publications Committee from 2010–15.

Since Rick first joined AusIMM, he has served with several branches, including Adelaide, Broken Hill and Sydney.

Rick has previously been awarded the Branch Service Award in 2003 and the prestigious Beryl Jacka Award
in 2010.

Rick West is held in the highest regard within the AusIMM community and the extensive contributions he has made continue to be valued across the Institute.

Beryl Jacka Award

This award is named in honour of Beryl Jacka, a stalwart of AusIMM over a period of 40 years and AusIMM Secretary from 1945–76. The award is presented in recognition of extraordinary and sustained service to AusIMM.

Dale Sims FAusIMM(CP)
Dale Sims FAusIMM(CP)

Dale Sims has been an AusIMM Director since 2013 and completed his second term at the end of 2018. A geologist with over 30 years’ experience, he has been involved with AusIMM since becoming a member in 1989 while working at Mount Isa.

Always active at Branch level, most recently in the Hunter Region Branch, he has also served as a Young Professional Observer on AusIMM’s Council in the 1990s and helped to organise and deliver numerous technical conferences, workshops, field trips and training courses for AusIMM.

Dale has been active with the AusIMM Geoscience Society (and its precursors) since 2000, including as Chair in 2010 and 2014. Dale was also Chair of the Publications Committee from 2015–18 and a member of the Asia Taskforce from 2013–2018 (chairing it from 2016–18).

Dale’s outstanding commitment, contributions and dedication to AusIMM make him a worthy recipient of the Beryl Jacka Award.

Professional Excellence Awards
These awards recognise professional excellence demonstrated by a resources professional (individual or group) for significant contributions to the development and/or application of professional knowledge and practice and/or leadership.

Aidan Giblett FAusIMM
Aidan Giblett FAusIMM

Aidan Giblett has been awarded for his outstanding professional excellence and expertise in the field of metallurgy, particularly comminution, gravity concentration and metallurgical accounting.

Currently Senior Technical Advisor – Mineral Processing at Newmont, he provides metallurgical support to Newmont’s global operations and projects. His efforts focus on troubleshooting and operational support, including supporting the ‘Full Potential’ continuous improvement program.

Aidan takes time to mentor and encourage junior engineers and always has time to explain technical information.

Aidan is also heavily involved in AusIMM as former Metallurgical Society Committee Chair, and serving on the organising committee for the Mill Operators’ Conference series. He is also involved with other industry bodies including the Global Mining Guidelines Group executive committee and as leader of the comminution efficiency working group. He regularly presents and chairs conference technical sessions and publishes frequently, contributing to the industry body of knowledge. He is a great asset to the mining industry.

Tania Laurencont MAusIMM
Tania Laurencont MAusIMM

Tania Laurencont was the Project Manager for the Rum Jungle (a former copper and uranium mine in the Northern Territory) Rehabilitation Project over a six-year period until early in 2018.

Concurrent with the technical aspects of the project was the effort and considered application Tania made to respectfully building relationships with the Kungarakan and Warai traditional owners. Over the six years, Tania worked tirelessly to deliver successive National Partnership Agreements between the Northern Territory and the Australian government.

Through trust building and knowledge sharing, the project objectives and completion criteria incorporated Indigenous knowledge and cultural expectations. Tania was highly influential in the way she melded the scientific, technical and cultural aspects of the project, providing a leading practice model of how this is best achieved.

Dr Bill (W J) Whiten FAusIMM
Dr Bill (W J) Whiten FAusIMM

Bill Whiten played a fundamental role in the developments of mineral processing simulation and mass balancing software through the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre, under the early leadership of Professor Alban Lynch HonFAusIMM.

These methodologies are now widely used around the world and have become an industry standard.

A mathematician by training, Bill’s novel approaches to mass balance modelling of comminution processes and modelling techniques allowed these complicated systems to be successfully modelled.

Bill’s influence on modern mineral processing is profound, through his mathematical developments, his software, and the numerous graduate students whom he has either supervised directly or advised in the course of their graduate work. His partnership with Alban Lynch, staff and students at JKMRC was one of the most important in the Australian mineral processing sector in the latter half of the 20th century.

Charles Marshall Award

Within the Category of Professional Excellence, the Charles Marshall award (new for 2019) is intended to recognise and honour AusIMM members who, as consultants, have made outstanding and sustained contributions to the resources industry. Winners are Chartered Professionals who are widely known and respected in the industry and have embodied and reinforced sound and ethical consulting behaviour.

The award is named after Charles Marshall (1904–91), an AusIMM Councillor (1964–74) and President (1969). Charles oversaw the formation of the Minerals Industry Consultants Association (MICA) in 1981, which was incorporated into the AusIMM Consultants Society in 2017.

Daniel Guibal FAusIMM(CP)
Daniel Guibal FAusIMM(CP)

Daniel Guibal was one of a small, key group of students of George Matheron, the originator of geostatistics as a discipline in the early 1960s at Fontainebleau. These students formed a ‘geostatistical diaspora’ spreading out to work in mining countries across the globe in the early 1970s. Daniel went to Peru and worked with universities and the state mining company for several years.

When Daniel arrived in Australia in the 1980s, he was one of very few post-graduate qualified geostatisticians in the country. Since then he has been involved in a wide range of consulting work, but more importantly he has been at the cutting edge of the innovations in the field of resource estimation and orebody modelling. He was a pioneer in the application of non-linear estimation.

Daniel is recognised as being in the top field of mentors in geostatistics in the industry.

New Professional Award

Viv Naidu AAusIMM
Viv Naidu AAusIMM

Since joining AusIMM in early 2012, Viv Naidu has been an active member, demonstrating a level of maturity beyond his age, and a capacity to engage, promote, assist and lead his fellow professionals.

Viv studied a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Adelaide between 2010 and 2015, with a semester-long placement in 2013 at the Colorado School of Mines. He was Vice President and Events Coordinator of the Adelaide Student Chapter between 2012 to 2015.

Following graduation, Viv excelled as a Drill and Blast Engineer with Hillgrove Resources at the Kanmantoo mine, with a great eye for detail and always looking for process improvements. He continues to strive for technical excellence in his current role with Byrnecut at the Prominent Hill operation.

Viv received the Adelaide Branch AusIMM/Playford Memorial Trust Scholarship in 2015, joined the Adelaide Branch committee in 2017 and has enthusiastically taken on additional duties, including newsletter editor, media coordinator and sponsorship liaison.

G B O’Malley Medal

Frances Blake AAusIMM
Frances Blake AAusIMM

The G B O’Malley Medal for the best student paper prize has been awarded to Frances Blake, University of Otago, for the paper ‘Arsenic redistribution in loess above the Hyde-Macraes Shear Zone, Otago, NZ’. This paper was presented at the 2018 New Zealand Branch Conference.

David Reid

Best Paper Prize

The Award for the Best Paper Prize is to David Reid, for his paper ‘Importance of the simple shear loading direction to the stability of tailings storage facilities’, presented at the AusIMM Mine Waste and Tailings Stewardship Conference 2018.

Institute or Minerals Sector Service Awards

The Institute or Minerals Sector Service Awards build upon the former Branch and Society Service and AusIMM Service Awards.

These awards may be presented to any Institute member or to a group of members. These awards recognise consistent and significant contribution to the ongoing success of the Institute and/or the minerals sector.

Ron Cairns MAusIMM
Ron Cairns MAusIMM

Ron Cairns has had a long and illustrious career within the Illawarra coal mining industry. Ron started work in the industry as an apprentice electrician in 1944, rose to Chief Electrical Engineer of the AIS Collieries in 1964 and in 1979, became Manager Engineering of BHP Steel Division Collieries.

Ron has been a valued member of the AusIMM Illawarra Branch (including as Chair) and contributed to the work of the Mineral Heritage Sub-committee in the production of the documentary ‘Beneath Black Skies’ and as author of two books recording the history of coal mining in the Illawarra, the Burragorang Valley and the Southern Highlands. Ron is currently the Project Manager of the Illawarra Heritage Trail website.

Kate Hobbs MAusIMM
Kate Hobbs MAusIMM

Kate Hobbs has held many roles within the industry during her career and has importantly been a strong advocate for women and diversity more broadly, both in resources and several other sectors.

Kate has been instrumental in voluntary roles, including mentoring and committee membership with her most visible, positive advocacy activities to date having been through her involvement in AusIMM’s Women in Mining network (WIMnet) and personal drive to establish the AusIMM’s Council for Diversity and Inclusion.

Kate has been actively involved in WIMnet since 2014, including time as the Chair of both WIMnetSA and the National committee. She has also assisted with developing support for regional areas, such as Whyalla and Roxby Downs, and played a key role in the establishment of the successful WIMnetSA mentoring program.

Kate works tirelessly to ensure diversity and inclusion is adequately highlighted at the strategic level within AusIMM. She continues to make significant contributions to both AusIMM and the industry more broadly and is an inspiring leader who is passionate about promoting and improving equality within the resources sector.

Keith Yates FAusIMM
Keith Yates FAusIMM

Keith Yates has provided a significant, sustained service to AusIMM and the resources sector for more than 50 years, and remains a prominent advocate for the industry and its professionals to this day.

Keith is a geologist with substantial experience across mineral exploration and mine development. Following his retirement in 2007, Keith has served as a member of the SA Mining and Petroleum Experts Group and is currently the Chair of the Minerals and Energy Advisory Council.

Keith is a long-term committee member of the Adelaide Branch and a former chair. He was instrumental in establishing a joint scholarship program between the AusIMM Adelaide Branch and the Playford trust, which has seen 25 worthy students recognised and supported. His outstanding commitment and dedication to supporting the industry is highly valued.

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